Pure Indian Body Wave


This Bundle of Beauty right here has grown to be our top seller… I have asked the supplier for longer lengths than I show available online. I have up to 28″ through the online store that you can order right away but the good news is longer lengths ARE AVAILABLE… However you will need to give us a call and we will quote you pricing and it will be a CUSTOM ORDER which could take up to an additional  5 – 7 days…

We have noticed that the PURE INDIAN BODY WAVE client is a little more particular as they very well should be. The look in and of itself requires a Bold Bouncy presentation. Let’s face it if you are wearing a Body Wave texture then you enjoy a look that makes the hair rise and fall and literally dance a sonnet when you move. This texture looks best when layered so you might consider ordering your lengths to allow the best look making the hair literally come alive after you install. Indian women possess a beautiful natural wavy texture in their Hair so we are so fortunate to be able to deliver this product straight from its country of origin directly to your front door.

You will love running your fingers through these silky and smooth bundles that come directly from the Temples of India.

When we inspect the hair for quality control we also stretch it to measure the exact length that our customers prefer.

Since our hair is free from chemicals or dyes and has been unprocessed or manipulated nothing can compromise the hair. Maintaining the consistency of the pattern is easy when the hair is sourced and collected with cuticles in tact.


14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28


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