Asian Virgin Lace Frontals 13 x 4


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Kenny’s Luxury Hair has invested itself in dealing only with 100 % natural human hair. More importantly the is hair is sourced and

collected from single donors in the point of origin. Our team oversees the entire process from collection to inspection therefore making our product ready to wear our name and promote our brand there are several hair companies on the market but how does one of them separate themselves from the pack and the only way to do that is to provide the best product and couple it with the the best customer service and experience in the market place.

for people who are on the go and find it hard to slow down.

If you want easy to wear easy to manage this is the hair for you. It has a brilliance and shine that will set you apart from all the other pretenders out there since you decided to invest your money in the best hair. The best hair is going to give you the best result. How many times did you try to save a little money only to get a very big disappointment. One that could have saved you the time and the frustration by just paying a little more to get the best. Kenny’s Luxury Hair offers you the opportunity to set yourself apart and be noticed as the best person you step out to be every single day of your life.


10", 12, 14, 16, 16 |, 18, 20


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